Which of the Canadian NHL clubs will perform better than others?

Together we made an expert opinion on the Canadian league teams. Last year, they clearly did not succeed and no one went into the playoffs. What will happen this season? On this question you will find the answer in this material.

Toronto Maple Leafs

San Jose vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto opens a new era this season. Yes, the training began last year – everything that was not needed was removed from the team and they cleared a place for new players.

The new era is marked by a whole galaxy of young talents who in the coming years can take the team to a substantially new level. These players include Marner and Nylander, who were already in the system of “maple”, but took care of them. They took care of exactly until the moment when the restructuring reaches the final stage. And, of course, one cannot help saying about the new face of the team – Ostone Matthews.Matthews – this is the main acquisition, which cost the team completely free, at the same time. The future of the team will be built on these three players, and the “builder” at Toronto is excellent – Mike Babcock.

The power of attack will be helped by the signed Matt Martin, who for his abilities to destroy everything that moves, received 16 million for 4 years. In this case, the team remained Komarov, who will help Matt to protect young star players. At the same time, both are not deprived of the skills of the game itself. Don’t miss next game check out tickets to leafs game tonight.

To solve problems with the number of missed pucks (27th place in the league), the club signed a couple of good goalkeepers – Frederic Andersson and Junas Enroth. Goalkeepers are young and showed a good game for a couple of seasons. It is a reliable game of goalkeepers that the team now needs, while the team is young and gaining experience. And by the time Toronto picks up the design power, both will be at a good age, which will make it possible not to pick up the goalkeepers again.

Toronto also has reserves. There are already ready-made, but still very young players in the system. First of all, it is Kapanen and Voshnikov, who look good in the AHL. From the Waver they took the young Seth Griffith, the loss of which Boston might regret. There is also Kerby Reichel.

The only problem for the future is the defensive line. There is young Reilly, there is Gardiner. Must raise your level Hares. But for winning the Stanley Cup in the future, this is not enough. Already, “Toronto” is looking in the direction of the Pipes from Winnipeg. There are options with the exchange of Fowler from “Anaheim”. Continue reading “Which of the Canadian NHL clubs will perform better than others?”

The most famous Canadian singer and singers

September 8, 2017 – In Canada, there are many talented singers and singers who are known to the whole world: from folk to progressive rock. All of them contributed to the popularization of Canadian culture and helped to prove that this country does not live by sport alone!

Since such lists can be quite subjective, if you make a rating of them, we decided to tell about the most famous in the usual alphabetical order.

Alanis morissette

There was a period when practically no American comedy could do without one of the most popular Alanis songs “Ironic”. It is this track that made it famous all over the world and opened up many new opportunities for capturing an audience not only in Canada, but also in other countries.

However, this was only the beginning. In her subsequent albums, the singer will open with a more original side, affecting not only romantic themes, but also social ones. A native of Ottawa boasts a huge number of awards, including 16 Juno awards and 7 Grammy awards. She is not only a performer, but also a songwriter, guitarist, producer and actress.

Avril lavigne

Little girl in the male world. This image worked perfectly for the millions of young fans who liked Avril’s rebellious nature, its driving compositions and uncompromising views on life.

A native of Belleville (Ontario) spent most of his youth in Napanee. At the age of 15, she appeared on stage with the famous Shania Twain (we will remember about her later), and at the age of 16 Avril signed a contract for two albums with a cost of two million dollars with Arista Records. Breaking into the charts with the soft-punk song “Sk8ter Boy”, the singer eventually went into more formatted music, which, by the way, only contributed to attracting more listeners.

Bryan adams

The unique Brian Adams is known all over the world, and these are not just words – his voice is familiar to everyone. Having received particular popularity in the 80s thanks to such hits as “Summer of 69” and “Cuts Like a Knife”, he successfully secured the status of a real star with the eternal ballads of the 90s in style (Everything I Do) I Do It For You. ” This track still holds the record for the longest period, held in first place in the prestigious UK charts.

However, this Canadian legend is more than just the author of popular songs for school discos. His trademark hoarseness combined with an incredible talent to create recognizable and truly beautiful songs made him one of the most influential and successful performers in modern music.

Céline dion

Celine Dion is known for her strong voice and numerous hits, which are guaranteed to give her an honorable place in the list of the most famous and successful Canadian performers.

The future star was born in a small town near Montreal. She was the youngest of 14 children in the family. Celine began her musical career at the age of five. She has many awards and prizes in her account, the status of the first Canadian to win a gold record in France, and much more. An ambitious step on the world stage, after which Dion’s fame only grew, became the official soundtrack for the film “Titanic” – a composition called “My Heart Will Go Go”. Also behind the singer are the duets with Barbara Streisand and Luciano Pavarotti.


While rappers Dream Warriors and K-os in the 90s and nil were only representatives of the underground, not a single Canadian musician could achieve large-scale success in this area. Then Drake appeared, who began his career as a child as an actor, but then devoted himself to music.

Drake managed to put Canada on the mainstream rap culture map and become one of the best-selling and influential rap artists in the world. He founded the Canadian record label OVO Sound, used CN Tower in the design of his album, and also helped open the world to another talented Canadian artist The Weeknd.

k.d Lang

Thanks to his particular manner of singing and his voice, which can make any listener cry, k.d. lang just could not become an ordinary country singer. The highlight also became her androgynous image, which made her even more memorable and free from all sorts of patterns.

She was born a singer and songwriter in Edmonton (Alberta), and the beginning of her musical career had to work in the team of Patsy Cline, who performed a cover song. In the 90s k.d. lang broke into the country industry with her album “Ingénue”, and then became a real star of the genre with such songs as “Crying” and “I’m Down to My Last Cigarette”. Some time later, she pleased the audience with a real hit “Constant Craving”, which also attracted fans of pop music to the army of her fans.

Leonard Cohen

Creating a song that will later be re-recorded by more than a hundred famous performers, the famous “Hallelujah” is just a small part of the musical heritage left in the world thanks to this legendary performer.

A successful poet and novelist was famous even on the literary scene of Montreal, and only then he began his advancement in music. His reflections on love, faith, despair and politics can be deep and simple at the same time – that was his genius. Such songs as “Suzanne”, “Bird on the Wire” and “Sisters of Mercy” will secure for him the reputation of the most successful folk author, with an incredible voice that no one could match.


Take a group of “Yes” obsessed Canadians, add the atmosphere of English progressive rock and get one of the most successful Canadian rock bands that in the future will sell more than a million records worldwide.

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson grew up near Toronto and in their youth decided to make the cherished dream of their own rock band a reality. Another member joined them, and in 1974, the trio Rush released their first album. Although over time their style developed and came up against the necessary changes, their amazing lyrics and musical complexity of the compositions remained untouched and easily recognizable.

Shania twain

The title of one of the most successful performers, not only in Canada, but throughout the world, belongs to the charismatic and talented Shania Twain. Eileen Edwards (real name of the singer) was born in Windsor (Ontario). Over the years, she will be known to the world stage as the “Queen of Pop Country”.

The album “Man!” Became the most popular album of the performer. I feel like a Woman … “. In total, Shania has sold more than 85 million records worldwide, and her album “Come On Over” has become the best-selling ever in the category of female vocals of all genres.

The weeknd

One of the most exciting Canadian discoveries of recent years is the musical creation of Eibel Tesfaye, which is known to millions of listeners under the pseudonym The Weeknd. A native of Scarborough is not only the author and performer, but also a producer.

At the end of 2010, he anonymously uploaded several of his songs to the Web, and thanks to the attention to his work, Drake learned about it and the rest of the world. Now he has three incredibly successful albums, praise from critics who call him “the best musical talent since Michael Jackson”, and a huge army of fans. Continue reading “The most famous Canadian singer and singers”