Which of the Canadian NHL clubs will perform better than others?

Together we made an expert opinion on the Canadian league teams. Last year, they clearly did not succeed and no one went into the playoffs. What will happen this season? On this question you will find the answer in this material.

Toronto Maple Leafs

San Jose vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto opens a new era this season. Yes, the training began last year – everything that was not needed was removed from the team and they cleared a place for new players.

The new era is marked by a whole galaxy of young talents who in the coming years can take the team to a substantially new level. These players include Marner and Nylander, who were already in the system of “maple”, but took care of them. They took care of exactly until the moment when the restructuring reaches the final stage. And, of course, one cannot help saying about the new face of the team – Ostone Matthews.Matthews – this is the main acquisition, which cost the team completely free, at the same time. The future of the team will be built on these three players, and the “builder” at Toronto is excellent – Mike Babcock.

The power of attack will be helped by the signed Matt Martin, who for his abilities to destroy everything that moves, received 16 million for 4 years. In this case, the team remained Komarov, who will help Matt to protect young star players. At the same time, both are not deprived of the skills of the game itself. Don’t miss next game check out tickets to leafs game tonight.

To solve problems with the number of missed pucks (27th place in the league), the club signed a couple of good goalkeepers – Frederic Andersson and Junas Enroth. Goalkeepers are young and showed a good game for a couple of seasons. It is a reliable game of goalkeepers that the team now needs, while the team is young and gaining experience. And by the time Toronto picks up the design power, both will be at a good age, which will make it possible not to pick up the goalkeepers again.

Toronto also has reserves. There are already ready-made, but still very young players in the system. First of all, it is Kapanen and Voshnikov, who look good in the AHL. From the Waver they took the young Seth Griffith, the loss of which Boston might regret. There is also Kerby Reichel.

The only problem for the future is the defensive line. There is young Reilly, there is Gardiner. Must raise your level Hares. But for winning the Stanley Cup in the future, this is not enough. Already, “Toronto” is looking in the direction of the Pipes from Winnipeg. There are options with the exchange of Fowler from “Anaheim”.

Montreal Canadiens


Montreal has taken decisive steps this summer to strengthen the team’s attacking potential.Everyone knew long ago that “Montreal” is reliable at its gates, especially if Carey Price is healthy, but only two links could create danger at another’s gate. Now “Canadians” have thoroughly worked on the market, having strengthened the attack not only qualitatively, but also quantitatively. Radulov, Shaw, Lehkonen is a whole link that can and can play in attack. For the sake of acquiring these players, Eller, who went to Washington, was forced to abandon his services, but in general, the attacking potential increased significantly.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the loudest exchange of recent years – Weber / Subban. Many Montreal fans were shocked by this leadership decision, but believe me – Nashville fans were just as surprised. Right now, this exchange “Montreal” in the game plan does not harm. But more about that below.

I will say once more what you have heard already – Price has returned and Montreal will look much more confident. Price is a key player in the team, which gives the team confidence in their reliable play. This is psychology.

The defensive line remained the same (no, there were, of course, acquisitions, but players would not play a leading role in the team), except for the aforementioned loud exchange of Weber / Subban. So, about the role of Weber and Subban. The main purpose and value of both defenders is that both know how to play the attack and are good in the majority. Weber when playing the majority is a more valuable asset. Shea regularly scores a considerable number of goals – 14 + 12 last year. P K is more of an attack conductor, who will most likely find a partner with an accurate Paz and lead him to the roll – 2 + 22 last season. At the same time, tighter Weber will help in the defense. The role of Subban in most of them will be able to fulfill Radulov, who has an excellent Paz, and having Weber in his team, you can offer the team the variability of the majority implementation.

Using Radulov, we smoothly moved to the line of attack. And yes, Radulov in this line will play a huge role. In addition to the game in the majority, Alexander is capable of much and in equal compositions – his technique, aggression, dimensions will bring quite a lot to the team. Radulov matured and is unlikely to again violate discipline – he will no longer be given a fourth chance in the NHL. Young Shaw and Lehkonen will add some variation and depth to the team. The show has already proven itself in the league and the fans of “Chicago” regret his departure, and Lehkonen is young and talented, while he proved his viability last season in Europe, and he also played pre-season matches quite well.

Still a huge role in the team will play Plekanec and Pacioretti. Players are in the prime of their careers, so the level of the game should not fall. And Galchenyuk and Gallagher made a huge step in development last year – thus, these two players can be considered a kind of “acquisition”.

Winnipeg Jets


Having survived terrible zero years when the coach was the ineptitude of Noel, the team under Maurice gradually began to revive. Even in the playoffs once hit. The truth is not pleased with the fans there a single victory. Last season was neither good nor bad. Working. The main thing is that the general manager of Winnipeg Cheveldeioff is very good at drafting and the team has a lot of great young people.

Virtually any team in the NHL should have two main strategies – the struggle for the playoffs and the gradual improvement of the team in the Stanley Cup in order to reach the championship level. The second strategy for the season is the development of young talented players, sticking links that will bring the team many victories in the future. If the management team does not have a clear idea of ​​which way to go, then the season can simply be lost. The trial of the steps that the Winnipeg management has made is set a goal to fight for the playoffs. In my opinion, the decision is erroneous. There are too many young players in the team, the links are not playing, the problem of left-handed defenders is not solved. Too high a goal will only bring extra nervousness and confusion. It will not allow young players to gain experience in a calm, working atmosphere.

I hope that during the season the management will change the strategy and begin to calmly play new links.He began to root for Antlanta / Winnipeg, when it was a real masochism. There were two reasons: Alexey Mayorov, who wrote very well and Ilya Kovalchuk, whose game I really liked. Now the time has come when Winnipeg is one of the most promising NHL clubs. But to be promising and grow to the champion team are two different things. Here you need patience and wisdom of leadership.

The team has one ready link. The second must be formed under Laine. It’s hard to describe my joy at being Laine in Jets – Imagine that you really like one girl. And suddenly she comes up to you and says: “Let’s spend the evening together.” One can only imagine what feelings fill you. A similar thing happened to me on the day of the draft of Laine. When I first saw his game, I was just surprised: “This is the second Ovechkin. That would be such a player in Winnipeg.” And Winnipeg chose him in the draft of this year! To this day, I am overwhelmed with joyful feelings. What do I expect from him this season? Nothing! He had a very difficult season. He is only 18 years old. If he starts to show a brilliant game, then perhaps at the end of the season.And so, most likely, the year will be spent on adaptation in the NHL. So, about partners for Laine – I will say an absolutely unexpected thing – Burmistrov! I have been following his career since Yunkor times. The scouts singled out four main qualities in him: speed, ability to lead power, excellent technique and excellent vision of the site. They almost unanimously wrote that an excellent dispatcher could come out of it for a talented scorer.But the idiot Noel began to sculpt a force forward out of him. Then Ak Bars with cowardly, defensive tactics.Nobody needed his manager qualities. At the end of last season, he began to show not a bad game. And which of them is a repass player – look at Wheeler’s scoring pass in the match with Boston, which was held on Monday. To them in the link is best for talent and speed fit Connor. I watched him on the preseason. A very talented player, but he needs at least another year to get used to the speed and atmosphere of the NHL.What to do with Little and Stafford? Change to a good, young left-handed defender. Winnipeg has a big problem with them. You can add a young striker and spikes.

In the absence of pipes, big problems in protection. Baflin and Myers are not the most reliable defenders.Enstrom and Stuart play every year worse and worse. In my opinion, the best option for Winnipeg was to exchange Myers for a good left-handed defender of the first pair. But Pipes has a greedy agent who always wants to grab more money, and he started this soap show with the player’s desire to change the club.



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